barbara clarke   accredited counsellor and  hypnotherapist    cumbria                             welcome to my site

Counselling and Hypnotherapy Counselling can be of help to those who find themselves unhappy or confused about situations and relationships in their everyday lives.

A Person Centred approach is based on a deep respect for the person, and a belief that each individual is an expert in his or her life.

Counselling, therefore,does not give advice or specific direction, but offers a safe place to explore issues which appear to be creating difficulties.

Whatever is discussed within the counselling situation is treated as completely confidential.
I do believe in interaction with the client and give feedback when appropriate.

I am an experienced fully accredited Person Centred counsellor with over twenty years of client experience including having worked as a counsellor in several East Lothian GP Practices for a number of years.

I also have a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy.

I work from home in Hackthorpe, Penrith..

I employ an holistic approach to client's needs and will provide an individual programme of therapy. 







Barbara Clarke Therapy     Hackthorpe  Cumbria